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Meet the team behind Resilient (NW) CIC...

Louise Harland-Davies

Founder & Director

"I’ve had a wonderful career over the last 20 years working as an Engagement Officer for the local authority, public health and local charities. Having delivered an extremely broad programme of community-based initiatives to help enhance the health, wellbeing and social mobility in local communities, I’ve met some amazing people and worked with some inspiring organisations. This experience has given me insight into some of the daily struggles that some residents face here in Wirral and I’ve been able to help produce practical solutions to help them going forward.

I feel very lucky that on this journey so far, I’m surrounded by positive and like-minded people including my other two directors, support staff and volunteers who share the same vision and ethos for the organisation. It is wonderful to think that, with this amazing team of people, we’ve gone on to deliver a wide range of projects and activities to support young people and their parents and carers. Whilst it has meant working extremely hard to make this happen, I would say out of my whole career, the last 18 months have been the most rewarding

On a more personal note, as a family we’ve have had to constantly fight that extra bit harder to access support services for our daughter who has only recently received an adult diagnosis of autism. Talking to other parents, I know there are many others who are also struggling to access these services. Based on our own experience as a family I had been trying to think of how I could help these young people, their families and carers in a more direct and practical way. Hearing peoples’ stories on the news in lockdown helped kickstart and motivate me to begin to create and develop a not-for-profit organisation"

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